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Peter has been developing other peopleís transport modelling software since 1976. In 1988 he started Peter Davidson Consultancy for transport planning, railways, research and software. In 1991 he started Visual-tm software development with ERICA followed by networks, mode choice, stated preference and tools, with the distribution model being added in 2000. During this period it was used for dozens of projects including major schemes, highway models, LTPs, toll roads, airport access, new air services, freight and transport strategies.

From 2001 to 2003 it was completely re-engineered, re-written and re-tested. In 2004, we re-branded it as Visual-tm (short for Peter Davidsonís Visual Transport Modeller) and re-launched it (May 2004) with version 2 (May 2005), version 3 (May 2006) and version 4 (June 2007). It has continued to deliver successful projects ever since.

New features in version 4:

In the past year, Visual-tm has been tried and tested on the following major projects: Ashford masterplan, Gloucestershire Regional Spatial Strategy, Truro major scheme bid and Cheshire County Model Building.