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free visual transport modeller (Visual-tm) academic edition (50 zone limit)

£460 visual transport modeller (Visual-tm) professional edition (500 zone limit, no matrix building)

£920 visual transport modeller (Visual-tm) erica edition (academic edition plus matrix building with windows erica5)

£920 visual transport modeller (Visual-tm) accessibility edition (full accessibility, limited modelling)

£2300 visual transport modeller (Visual-tm) corporate edition (full version)

£460 erica (DOS matrix building program from the UK department for transport)

£450 online 2001 census matrix tools (produces a journey to work trip matrix for the UK from 2001 census data, NTS and other sources (from the UK department for transport))

2001 census matrix tools can be purchased on CD for £500. To do this please download our software order form, complete, sign and send it to us.

This Software Product is licensed to the licensee on the terms provided in this licence agreement. By downloading, receiving or using this software you agree to this licence agreement. If the licensee does not wish to be bound by this agreement, you should not purchase or download it or if you have the software product it should be completely deleted from your computers.

The Software Product Owner owns this software, manual, publicity and other related material and exclusively retains all rights to it.

This Software Product is licensed to the licensee for use on one and only one of the licensee‘s computers. The software product must not be altered nor given to a third party nor sold to a third party nor called by any other name. The licensee may install the software on his computer and make a backup copy. All further copies of this software product must be purchased from the licensor.

While effort is made to ensure that this software product is free from defects, the Software Product Owner, their employees and agents shall in no way be held responsible for any errors, omissions, defects, loss of profit, or any commercial or other damage occasioned by the use of, or attributable to this Software Product.

The Software Product Owner: The Census Matrix Tools Software is owned by the Department for Transport of Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3EB, herein called DfT. The ERICA5 software is owned by the DfT and Peter Davidson. All other software is owned by Peter Davidson of Brownlow House, Ravens Lane, Berkhamsted HP4 2DX, England.

Potential purchasers can download the academic version of visual transport modeller free of charge to test the software before purchasing it. Refunds are not therefore normally given. If there are exceptional extenuating circumstances, then you can apply for a refund by emailing the details and extenuating circumstances to us mail@peter-davidson.com and we will consider whether or not to award a refund. You should use the academic edition to make sure you wish to purchase before you purchase. The academic edition is for teaching and learning purposes only.