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It‘s fast!Tutorials explaining how to use different parts of the software are listed below.

The getting started tutorial covers the basics of Visual-tm. It gives a brief overview of the test data provided with the software and goes through opening, viewing and creating projects.

Data within Visual-tm is stored in numerous different locations and formats. In order to utilise the full functionality of the suite it is essential that you store your project information in these formats. The transport database tutorial will explain the general formats. In general it will not look at specific files, as these are covered in their own tutorial sections.

The networks tutorial covers how to create highway and public transport networks from scratch, add different scenario networks to your model, and various ways of displaying networks and mapping functions. It also covers how to check your network is working correctly.

The matrices tutorial explains how to create, open and edit matrices as well as explaining in detail some of the more advanced matrix functionality of Visual-tm.

It‘s fast!The matrix building tutorial explains how to use Visual-tm and ERICA to build matrices, and how to organise and process the necessary input data.

The assignment models tutorial explains how to assign a trip matrix to a network in order to predict traffic levels. Highway, public transport and combined mode assignments are covered. The methods for obtaining shortest paths and skims are also described.

The mode choice models tutorial explains how to run a matrix mode choice model in Visual-tm, as well as Peter Davidson Consultancyís simple mode choice calculators.

The distribution models tutorial explains the different distribution models in Visual-tm and how to use them.

Accessibility modelling in Visual-tm allows the percentage of the population or the percentage of households in a study area who are within a particular travelling time of particular facilities e.g. schools or doctorís surgeries to be found. The accessibility models tutorial explains how to do this.

The four-stage models tutorial explains how to run a two-mode 4-stage model in Visual-tm.

It‘s fast! The parking model tutorial explains how to use Visual-tmís parking model.

The environmental models tutorial explains how to use Visual-tmís environmental models.