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Our Visual-tm software is an integrated modelling workbench for the transport planner. It has been enhanced to version 2 including the following features:

Visual-tm now allows you to model walking and cycling as separate modes either for assignment or for skimming and input to the mode choice model. Highway assignment now includes junction as well as link delay and you can supply an equation based on the flow, capacity or other user defined criteria. There are more matrix manipulation options including the ability to generate a zonal matrix from for example a sector-level parking charge matrix.

Public transport assignment has been enhanced to include multi-routing, more detailed distance-related fares, flat fares, through-ticketing, select link assignment. Bus speeds have been made to be a function of highway speeds so as to reflect the effect on bus speeds of increased congestion in future. Public transport networks can be derived from the ATCO CIF database which is being prepared nationally to cover bus and other public transport services.

The new multi-mode four stage model allows you to iterate the distribution, mode choice and assignment model sequence through to convergence. Includes improvements to mode choice and the distribution models. Both public transport and highway path builders have been made even faster. Visual-tm version 2 was released in May 2005.

Visual-tm version 2 walkthroughs.