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It‘s fast!Walkthroughs explaining how to use different parts of the software are listed below.

The first three walkthroughs are a general overview and introduction to Visual-tm using the Ashtest test data project:

The display overview walkthrough gives an introduction to the main Visual-tm screen.

The selected menu functions walkthrough leads through some selected menu functions.

The macro section uses macros to illustrate some of the more advanced capabilities of Visual-tm, so you can get a feel of the more advanced functions without being an expert user.

The next walkthroughs go through some of the more advanced functionality of the software in more detail:

The highway assignment walkthrough shows how to obtain assigned traffic flows for a given network.

It‘s fast!The mode choice walkthrough is where the process of splitting the total trips in a model into their respective modes is covered.

The distribution walkthrough shows how the model splits the trip ends of a matrix down to inter-zonal level

The roadside interview data processing walkthrough explains how to prepare the data ready for matrix building.

The matrix building walkthrough shows how to use the software to build different matrices.

The network coding walkthrough explains how to code a highway network, a public transport network and how to add in the variables needed and check the network is working correctly.

The matrix manipulation walkthrough shows the process of manipulating matrices in order to prepare them for analysis.

It‘s fast!The four stage model sequence walkthrough shows the model where the distribution and mode choice model are combined.

The accessibility walkthrough shows how to build a network from ATCO CIF files and run an accessibility model.

The park & ride walkthrough shows how to add park & ride to the network and how to run a park & ride assignment.